Litter born 10/28/2016 – Roxi & Torr

Female German Shepherd Dog

Roxi z Vetrneho Vrchu


Torr Opavia Hof


Roxi z Vetrneho Vrchu

Female German Shepherd Dog


Hip: 1/1
Elbows: 0/0

Roxi was born October 27, 2011 and is currently on-site and actively breeding at our facility.
Full pedigree and lineage: Pedigree Database - Roxi


Torr Opavia Hof

Male German Shepherd Dog


(IPO 3, SCHH 1, BH)
CMKU 75939/09
Hip: a(0/0)
Elbows: a(0/0)

Torr was born November 16, 2009
Full pedigree and lineage: Pedigree Database -Torr

Expected due date: 10/28/2016

Detailed Information on the joint lineage of both parents can be found by clicking here: Pedigree Database (Torr + Roxi, upcoming litter)

German Shepherd Puppy Litter: 2016

All of our German Shepherd dogs are bred and cared for according to the highest professional standards.

Puppies from previous litters.

Group Pictures

Bama - Puppy at work

At 14 weeks, Bama (part of June 2016 litter from Torr and Bliss)

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