Torr Opavia Hof

Male German Shepherd Dog


(IPO 3, SCHH 1, BH)
CMKU 75939/09
Hip: a(0/0)
Elbows: a(0/0)

Torr was born November 16, 2009 and is currently on-site and actively breeding at our facility.
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More about Torr....

Torr Opavia Hof is an extremely hard-working, confident German Shepherd dog with a crushing grip. Torr is a proven producer for top sport dogs and police dogs. His orthopedic contribution is amazing: perfect hips, elbows and spine. He's known for instilling the strong grips and impressive tracking noses in his offspring. Torr is a solid, strong German Shepherd dog with impeccable nerves. We are very proud to have this top Czech stud in the United States at Alabama Canine. .

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